Lab Tests

Could you get more out of your pathology results?

Pathology can help alleviate the frustration of not knowing why you feel so unwell.

Thorough testing can investigate deeper, which helps us understand the way your internal body might be performing or reacting to your external environment.

The results can give us invaluable information about how to get you feeling better sooner.

We offer a convenient service of putting you in direct contact with the pathology labs. We use Australian local and Overseas laboratories to make sure you have a wide choice in seeking detailed evaluation of your biochemistry, toxicity, hormones, nutritional and metabolic status.

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Lab Tests Available

Testing may help identify the root cause of chronic illnesses and also be useful in determining baseline measures to assess treatment efficacy

  • Metabolic & Cardiovascular

  • Mental Health

  • Routine Pathology

  • Environmental Toxins

  • Pesticides

Pathology FAQ:

Are These Tests Covered By Medicare?

No. Medicare only pays for pathology that are on their approved list that has been requested by a GP. The Medicare list of tests also has conditions associated with their use. Medicare will not pay for any other testing that does not fall under these conditions.

Can I Claim These Tests On My Health Fund?

Generally No. We haven’t seen any health fund yet put their hand up to pay for these tests. If you know of one, we are happy to share this information to other patients.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Results?

The results can take anywhere from 1 week to several weeks to come back. This depends on which pathology lab has processed the tests. If it is local, 1 week is the usual turn around time, if your samples travel overseas, it will take longer to come back (approximately 3 weeks).

What’s Involved?

Depending on which test is required, the pathology testing requires a sample from one or a combination of any of the following:  Blood, Stool, Urine or Saliva.

You will first need the get a request form from us, then you will either go to a local QML pathology office (for blood), or you will be given a kit to use at home (for urine, stool, or saliva). Once a sample has been collected, it is sent to the relevant pathology group to process.

Results are sent back to us. When your results are back, we will make a consult with you to discuss the findings. We will not give out results without a consult.


Pricing can be found when searching the test directories above. Please note that for the majority of the tests there is an additional $20 fee charged by the pathology lab for postage and handling per episode of tests (ie, $20 per however many samples fit into the one posting bag to go to the pathology lab).

Please be aware that although we try to keep up to date with the pricing, some changes in the price listed might occur that are out of our control. We do our best to change the prices on this site as we become aware of price changes from the pathology labs.

How To Order Tests:

If you want to order tests without discussion, you can. However, for best results we suggest you make an initial consult with us to discuss which tests might be the most suitable. This could save you money and make sure you are getting the information you most need.

If you want to order a test without a consult, order directly from the page that has the test information on it, we will set you up with a request form or test kit.

If you first want to make an appointment to discuss what tests would be most suitable to your situation and all your options, click here