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Why is it so important for you to have a medicine geared to wellness?

Wellness implies having less pain and debility, having better function in physical and mental performance whilst still considering your emotional wellbeing.

Your level of wellness too often impacts how much you get out of other areas of your life, so wouldn’t you want a healthcare model that was geared toward helping you attain and maintain your wellness?

Disease management and “wait until it’s broken, then to patch it up” is different to wellness care

Blocking or cutting out symptoms does not mean your health problem has been fixed. Symptom relief may be one aspect to management of health care, but it may not be enough to bring about proper wellness and is

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lacking as an adequate solution for the epidemic of complex chronic diseases that have been emerging?

Putting Wellness into Medicine….

If we were to propose a “wellness” health model, it’s not hard to imagine that the treatment emphasis should be on understanding how your whole person is working.

It should also involve trying to find out:

  • How all of your internal organs and systems are responding to each other and to your external environment.
  • And how your lifestyle habits, genetic predispositions and individual nuances might all be contributing to your current health, because after all, you are

like no one else.

A wellness model also understands that “prevention is better than cure” and aims to uncover underlying drivers of chronic disease by questioning how disease could be prevented before manifesting.

What could you do different in your life if you had better health and wellbeing?

Guiding you to health and wellness is important to us. Our method includes:

  • Creating a personal plan tailored to your specific situation
  • Supporting you in making sustainable changes to improve current health status
  • Providing insight, inspiration and education to make informed choices about your health direction and it’s care

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First and foremost, we treat you. We customize our approach for each patient regardless of what health imbalance or disease label you have. We aim to help with alleviating general aches and pains, acute conditions, complicated illnesses, and disease prevention.

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Our practitioners each have over 25 years in clinical practice, so we can still confidently assist you in improving a wide range of other health conditions.

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